There’s a First for Everything  {an introduction}

Losing Her {a description of the events of my mother’s passing}

The Time Traveler {how time becomes a non-factor when dealing with grief}

Through Gritted Teeth {realizing and accepting grief-related anger}

You are Not a Grief Ninja {accepting the inability to master the grieving process}

This is Not a List… It’s a Brainstorm {practical ideas for facing the holiday season}

Candles {happy birthday mom}

NYE {a short ode to 2011}

The Times We Say Goodbye {reflections of a funeral, burial and headstone}

Battling Insecurity {losing the voice that tells you you are “okay”}

Guest Post: Who I Am {reflections on losing a parent to cancer by Kevin Chapman}

Being Okay with Being Happy {the struggle to accept post-loss happiness when it feels wrong}

Waiting for Goosebumps {when the tingles, goosebumps and micro-happinesses return}

Battling Insecurity (part 3) {loving all versions of ourselves along the journey}

The Years Go By {reflections on my birthday – how grief changes each year}

Guest Post: A Look at Fresh Grief {words from Krista Brenner about her initial grief over the loss of her fiance}

Stand Up or Get Off the Train {fighting the fear that follows loss}

In my Hometown {moving home}

Home Builders: Creating a New Safe Place after Loss {when the feeling of home disappears after loss}

One Lovely Blog Award {blog recognition award}

Guest Post: Losing a Parent to Cancer (Part One) {Katie Blasetti’s reflections about losing a father to cancer}

Mercy for Mothers in May {dedicating Mother’s Day to suffering women across the world}

Life List {a list of inspirations for facing life}

Wired to Fight {letting go of the need to protect our loved one when after they are gone}

When the Closets Must be Cleaned {getting rid of the “things”}

Braving Happiness {why happiness can be scarier than hurt}

It Lives in the Little Things {how the daily details can be the biggest challenge}

Enough About Me {descriptions of Mom}

Up, Up and Away {my first travel experience since losing her}

A Post-Travel Reflection {inspirations from Italy, Ireland and Japan}

Some Days You Need an Anthem {music video – Titanium}

Lighten Up, Love Mom {looking on the bright side}

Afterwards in Living Colour {Afterwards’ video feature in Second Firsts book launch}

A Most Incredibly Sincere Amazed and Blown Away Thank You {Afterwards’ second birthday}

Virtual Hugs {when words aren’t enough}

The Grief that Stole Christmas: Facing Holiday Fears {surviving Christmas after loss}

Well Meaning Statements that Devastate Mourners {what not to say to somebody facing loss}

Song of the Day: Pompeii {music video – Pompeii}

Living Your Own Life After Loss {remembering your own important journey}

Pressing Play {starting my new business!}

Guest Post: Marching – Thoughts on Grieving a Miscarriage {Nicole Kemper shares her experience of two miscarriages}

Maximum Capacity Aliveness {Rejecting the Notion of Painful Adulthood}

Guest Post: Happyish Mothers Day {Clare Wright share reflections about the messiness of Mother’s Day}

Signing Off(ish): {Saying goodbye to Afterwards Blog, for now!}


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