Virtual Hugs

A dear, dear friend of mine said goodbye to her mom a few nights ago – holding her hand as she breathed her last. It crushes me. Even though I’ve been there, I don’t have the words.

To my dearest; to anyone who has just walked away from that bedside; to anyone who is counting down the minutes until “goodbye”; to anyone who is missing someone; to anyone who is looking into the dark: I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.

Sometimes their are no words.

But I love you.



One thought on “Virtual Hugs

  1. I lost my mother a month back. And since then I am going thru what you have described on ur blog. I feel so insecure that I fear crossing roads. I feel my protective angel is gone – and am vulnerable to anything and everything now.

    Thank u for this blog….In India grief is suppressed by culture n religion. I have lived in the US and live differently, so no one understand why am still grieving mom. ( You are suppose to grieve only three days as per my culture)

    I find that to be so cruel and insulting…..I am taking one day at a time…..fearful of my own health and trying to not slip into depression….pls pray for me.

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