Mercy for Mothers in May

Another one of “those” days is approaching. Mother’s Day. It always feels a bit strange to me that I wasn’t with my mom on her last Mother’s Day here on Earth – I was in fact almost the furthest away I could have been, somewhere in the South of India. We shared a phone conversations that was brief, she had quickly passed the phone off to other family members without saying much. It sounded hard for her to be spending Mother’s Day without one of her children (compounded by the fact that she often worried as I traveled).

The tables are turned now and I am the one at home, wishing for a phone call from somewhere far away. Mother’s Day can be tough – it’s a reminder that I will never again pick a card from the shelf to give to her. I won’t wrap up quirky kitchen gadgets for her, or sling my arm around her shoulder to lean on her in appreciation (my favorite). But this year, I have decided that this Mother’s Day will be one full of “hope and healing”, which just happens to be the slogan of an amazing charity I’m blessed to be a part of, Mercy Ships Canada.

When I heard that they had created a Mother’s Day fundraising event, I couldn’t have imagined anything more perfect than spending my Mother’s Day weekend helping to improve the lives of women, so that their children may also experience the power of having a strong and beautiful mother.

The thought was so encouraging to me that I wanted to pass on the idea to you who are also facing feelings of loss as Mother’s Day roles around. What better way to honor the women we are missing than to improve the lives and health of other mothers across the world?

In a nutshell, women in West Africa commonly suffer after childbirth – sometimes for the rest of their lives – when they are not properly treated for the injuries associated with having a baby. Constant trickles of urine run down their legs – they are humiliated, outcast, and alone. It takes away their chance for a normal life and the chance to celebrate motherhood. Mercy Ships is using their giant floating hospital to correct these women’s injuries and give them back what they have lost in life.

Mercy for Mothers in May is a fundraiser supporting these efforts, and gives people the opportunity to create any type of event they want to raise money and awareness. More information is here: Mercy for Mothers in May.

It may still be too overwhelming for you to think about something like this on this holiday, don’t try to force it if it is not where you are at – it can add more stress than joy.

If you are feeling a bit courageous this year and think you may be ready to do something of this nature on Mother’s Day Weekend, consider joining me in creating fundraising events to restore women’s lives in honor of our Moms.

My sis-in-law and my mom on our last (and best) Mother’s Day together

6 thoughts on “Mercy for Mothers in May

  1. Sounds like a great charity. I wish you all the best. Mother’s Day is hard for me too, especially since it’s shortly followed by my birthday – two days I always spent with my mom. This year, my birthday will be followed by my dad’s wedding less than a week later. I wish I could just skip over the month of May. But I can’t, so I will honor my mom by spending the time with my 2 kids. It’s what she would have wanted me to do.

  2. My first Mother’s Day without my daughter was horrible. My mom passed away 16 years ago, and I still miss her. Not a single day passes that I don’t miss her and think of her. I know that my Vic got to spend Mother’s Day with her gran. Wish I was with them.

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