Waiting for Goosebumps

It took over two years before I started to feel the tingles of life again. I will be honest, I didn’t think it would ever happen. In case we aren’t on the same page, tingles are a bit different than happiness – they are like the micro-moments of happiness. They are natural responses to emotion that are closely tied to the physiological. Life-tingles go hand in hand with happiness but the way I see it, happiness requires the coming together of many natural as well as intentional factors and processes; life-tingles mostly require time. (This, by the way, is a completely made-up definition of a self-invented theory…)

After mom died I did feel emotion – I laughed and cried – but beneath those things I was frozen… numb. The world went from a dynamic, multidimensional, colourful place to a flat plane of hazy grays. So did my physical emotional reactions. I could look at the most beautiful sights (so many surround me on this island) and feel nothing. No butterflies, no warm heart, no stomach reaction. Nothing ran deep; the tingles were gone.

I  don’t exactly know how one goes about finding said tingles again; like I said, I think it just happens in time. At least it did in my case… It’s strange to remember such a small thing so clearly (though in this case the small things are the big things) but I was listening to a song and I found the beauty of it running through my bones – almost a physical vibration. It was like feeling life again for the first time – like a fresh breeze had blown through my living room and given me goosebumps.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, pay attention to the tiny physical responses that accompany the next time you feel excitement, hear a pretty song, see a beautiful sunset, or even smile… Those are the tingles. Never take them for granted.

If you know what I’m talking about and your sensitivity to the micro-moments of happiness has been dulled or flattened, I empathize greatly with you. I know that I often say this was the hardest part, but there really are many hardest parts and this was absolutely one of them. To not feel is the worst thing.

When I did my juice fast last month, my sense of taste afterwards was intense – flavours were concentrated, every bite of food tasted stronger and more delicious than I remembered it being before. To me this is a picture of the potential we have to experience life after death. I cherish every moment of being able to feel “details” because I couldn’t for so long.

Eventually, you will feel life again; it will seem impossible until you do, but you will. For now, keep listening to beautiful songs. One day you will find yourself surprised by the goosebumps on your arms ♥

Some Things Take Time


3 thoughts on “Waiting for Goosebumps

  1. Again I do not think I could describe this any better: “The world went from a dynamic, multidimensional, colourful place to a flat plane of hazy grays.” Wow. Exactly right. You give me hope with each and every post so I thank you for that. You are voice to those of us that are struggling with each and every moment that there is hope to feel those life-tingles again.

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