I’ve had such a busy (amazing) holiday, without time to give my blog the attention it deserves, but I’ve been filled with love and look forward to what is next as 2012 rolls in. It is the first of new years that I truly look forward to without a pit of fear in my stomach. I sense the joy and new beginnings that will be had.

For those of you in the thick of the pain, I hold you dear to my heart. I know it is hard to imagine that one day the fear will dissipate. In time, it will.

For those of you feeling the taste of freedom slowly creep in, I celebrate for you. I hope you let it in; life is allowed to be good.

Thank you for the connection I’ve felt so deeply through your readership and words. I am encouraged. It has been the beginning of becoming “myself” again.

Here’s to living the life you imagine, no matter what you have encountered along the way. You are strong and courageous.

Hugs to all of you, and happy New Year!!


5 thoughts on “NYE

  1. Letting the “taste of freedom slowly creep in” is such a foreign concept to me and seems utterly unimaginable but your words continue to give me hope that one day the fog will lift and this excruciating pain will lessen. I’ve thanked you before but thank you for sharing your process on here. I hope for the same thing you have found through writing in this space… to become myself again one day.

    1. I am equally as comforted by your words, thank you for reading and sharing your journey. My thoughts are always with you. I am grateful that I share this road with souls like you (who I haven’t even met!), that truly understand.

  2. Happy new year nelly belly! I’m glad you enjoyed your holidays and look forward to the new year with anticipation! Freedom is so sweet… Think of you often! xoxo

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